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From this article, you will know what are the best soundbars without subwoofers you can buy in 2022.

Soundbars are a great thing to have at home if we want to enjoy the sound from movies, games, music, etc much more optimally. Among the options available out there, there are options on whether we prefer our soundbars with or without subwoofers. If we don’t place much importance on bass or low-frequency sound amplification, then we might opt for soundbars without subwoofers.

However, if we want to buy a soundbar without subwoofers, there are too many soundbar options out there and it can be confusing to choose the best one to use at our home. This is why Innovation infinite has come up with its list of the best soundbars without subwoofers to help you.

Want to know what are the best soundbars without subwoofers that you can buy and use? Let’s get on the list right away.

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What are the Best Soundbars Without Subwoofers?

Now, let us see what soundbars without subwoofers we recommend. Using one of these soundbars should help you get quality sound for a better entertainment experience.

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is the first soundbar without a subwoofer we recommend on this list. It is an excellent soundbar that can give you a clear and crisp sound.

It has two custom-engineered upfiring dipole speakers that make it produce a sound that seems to be all around you. Completed with the Dolby Atmos technology, you should experience a more immersive hearing experience.

Alexa is built-in in this soundbar so you can control it with your voice only. The mics in it can reject noise so your command should be able to go through it easier. This soundbar also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect technologies, making it easy for you to get the content you want to hear.

The design looks sleek and should be able to fit in the space at your home nicely. All in all, this Bose Smart Soundbar 900 looks like a great deal of a soundbar for you to buy and use.

Key Features

  • Dolby Atmos
  • 4.21 x 41.14 x 2.29 inches
  • 16.94 pounds

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2. Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc is the next recommended soundbar without a subwoofer for us. It is great for whatever sound you want to amplify at your home.

This soundbar is equipped with Dolby Atmos and Enhanced Trueplay tuning technologies to produce its sound. This should make your hearing experience more complete with the clear sound that you hear. The Eleven high-performance drivers in this thing can also give detailed sound and good bass even without a subwoofer.

It is compatible with the Sonos app or Apple Airplay 2 so you can access music or other content through those too. It also has Alexa technology so you can command it with your voice.

Need a soundbar without a subwoofer that can produce excellent sound for you? Consider this Sonos Arc soundbar as the soundbar to buy and use.

Key Features

  • Dolby Atmos
  • 3.4 x 45 x 4.5 inches
  • 21.8 pounds

Get Sonos Arc on Amazon

3. Sonos Beam Gen 2

Sonos Beam Gen 2 is another soundbar from Sonos that is good even without a subwoofer. It can give us a clear sound thanks to the specifications and technologies that it has.

As with Sonos Arc, this soundbar also employs Dolby Atmos to support it when it gives immersive sound. The sound should feel more realistic when you use this soundbar with its technology. It also has advanced audio processing so the sound output will be more balanced for you to hear.

When you need to watch with quieter sound, it has the Night Sound mode that can enhance your experience to that need of yours. You can set the mode through the Sonos app. The setup of this soundbar is also easy and you can get the instructions from the app too.

The design of this soundbar also looks excellent and should fit in nicely wherever you put it at your home. All in all, this Sonos Beam Gen 2 soundbar can be an excellent choice for your soundbar without a subwoofer.

Key Features

  • Dolby Atmos
  • 25.59 x 3.94 x 2.76 inches
  • 6.38 pounds

Get Sonos Beam Gen 2 on Amazon

4. Sony HT-A5000

Sony HT-A5000 is a great soundbar from Sony you might want to consider too. It has several technologies that can make it your go-to soundbar.

The sound from this soundbar is immersive and seems to surround you. That is because it has Dolby Atmos, DTS:X with Vertical Surround Engine, S-Force Pro Fond Surround, and 360 Spatial Sound technologies to support it. Those technologies should make your entertainment experience becomes more complete and satisfying.

It also has Google Assistant and Alexa technologies to make you able to command it easily with your voice. You can get the content you want to hear by connecting it through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, or Apple Airplay 2.

If you have a Sony BRAVIA TV, you can connect this soundbar with it to get much easier control of its sound through your TV. Overall, this Sony HT-A5000 seems to be a great soundbar for you to have at home.

Key Features

  • Dolby Atmos
  • 37.17 x 6.58 x 6.14 inches
  • 13.45 pounds

Get Sony HT-A5000 on Amazon

5. BESTISAN Soundbar

BESTISAN Soundbar is the last soundbar we recommend on this list. It is a good soundbar that offers an adequate hearing experience for the sound from your entertainment content.

It has dual speakers, full-range drivers, and dual bass ports that should give you powerful sound and bass. This is done without any subwoofer to amplify it. The sound should also have fewer distortion thanks to these specifications.

You can set up the soundbar to three different modes according to the content you want to hear: movie, music, and dialogue. Choosing one should give you a specific sound setup that better complements the content. To connect with the content, you can choose a wired connection via standard audio cable, RCA, HDMI, and optical input or a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Looking for a soundbar that can give you good bass without a subwoofer? Try this BESTISAN soundbar too.

Key Features

  • No Dolby support
  • 28 x 4.1 x 4 inches
  • 6.89 pounds

Get BESTISAN Soundbar on Amazon

What Things Should We Consider When We Want to Buy a Soundbar Without a Subwoofer?

Here are the things we think you should consider when you want to buy a soundbar without a subwoofer.

  • Sound Technology. Is it Dolby supported? It will be better if it is Dolby Atmos supported as many TVs now use Dolby Atmos to provide a better sound experience. If it isn’t Dolby supported, like the BESTISAN soundbar, for example, make sure it has technologies or specifications that can compensate for it

  • Ease of Use. Does the design fit the space at your house? Is it easy to set up and control? Make sure you check the specifications of those in the soundbar you want to buy so you don’t get frustrated when you try to use it at home

  • Connectivity. Does it connect to your entertainment content the way you want? Some soundbars can connect through Wi-Fi and apps while some don’t. Make sure you have a soundbar that connects easily the way you want to the content you want to hear

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is something that can amplify the bass or low-frequency sound of your movies, games, music, etc so you can hear it much more clearly. Some people like it because it can give them a more satisfying hearing experience.

Why Should You Choose a Soundbar Without a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer, especially one that isn’t built-in, can take up some space at your house. If you don’t have that space, it can be tedious to set it up to support your soundbar.

Moreover, if you don’t need that bass or low-frequency amplification from a subwoofer, you may want to buy a soundbar without one. It really depends on what content you often use your soundbar for and whether you think you will enjoy it much more if you have a better bass sound from it.

Wrap Up

When we want to buy a soundbar, we may choose to buy one without a subwoofer. However, it can be hard to find one that can produce excellent sound to give us the best entertainment experience. This is why Innovation Infinite has come up with this list of the best soundbars without subwoofers to help with your soundbar purchase.

To summarize, here are five soundbars we recommend.
We hope our list can help you pick the best soundbar to buy and use!

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